Social Governance

For years, BigCityBeats has been inspiring hundreds of thousands of people with unique musical experiences and bringing people from all over the world and all cultures together. We are convinced that music can inspire people to do good and to look beyond their own horizons. Our events, and our team, stand for diversity, openness to all cultural roots, love, tolerance and mutual respect. We stand against any form of prejudice without getting to know the people we meet. At our events we offer people the opportunity to meet on equal terms and unite them with the passion of music.

Above all, we give sexism, homophobia, transphobia and any kind of discrimination no chance! In particular, we expressly give a clear rebuff to any form of racism! Such attitudes are not tolerated by us and are rejected in the strongest possible terms.

It is important to us that the philosophy of our events is supported by everyone. Only in this way can we bring people together sustainably and experience special moments.

The managing director of BigCityBeats Bernd Breiter has been committed to helping people in need for years. Since the war in Ukraine, Bernd Breiter has been supporting the aid organization "Wings of Help e.V." both with private donations and through charity campaigns, with which he has already been able to organize numerous aid shipments. He has not shied away from personally visiting refugee camps and orphanages. His harrowing reports of this have persuaded many people to join the relief efforts. For this he was honored with an award in Los Angeles.   

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