Febuary 28th
BigCityBeats x Alexander Wulf x Troyka

BigCityBeats Club Kitchen "Kitchen Impossible" Warm Up-Party

18:00 - 24:00 Uhr (6:00 pm until 8:15pm)

- BigCityBeats networks Germany with a special BigCityBeats Club Kitchen "Kitchen Impossible" evening.
- Club music and cuisine: BigCityBeats connects the local kitchens across Germany on Sunday evening.
- BigCityBeats Club kitchen warmi up with star chef Alexander Wulf and superstar DJ Alle Farben.
- Star chef Tim Mälzer in a duel against BigCityBeats resident chef Alexander Wulf at Kitchen Impossible
- 1st place: mostly seen music livestream across Germany on on February 28th, 2021
- BigCityBeats awakens the 7 senses in celebrities like Dany Michalski, Gitta Saxx and Jasmin Wagner (Blümchen)

The BigCityBeats Club Kitchen - a recipe for success. What began in 2019 at the BigCityBeats WORLD CLUB DOME in Frankfurt with star DJs from all over the world has become a culinary-musical delicacy. This Sunday evening, the only Russian star chef in Europe and BigCityBeats resident chef Alexander Wulf cooked in a large show cooking with superstar DJ Alle Farben. The first live interaction between DJ and chef in a stream thrilled viewers on Twitch. 1st place for the most watched music stream in Germany and 5th place for the most watched music stream worldwide on Twitch for February 28, 2021!

The BigCityBeats Club Kitchen as a warm-up for the subsequent battle between BigCityBeats resident chef Alexander Wulf and star chef Tim Mälzer at “Kitchen Impossible” on VOX was a complete success. The fusion of club music, haute cuisine and passion brought more than 714,820 contacts reached on social media to domestic kitchens across Germany. Interviews by Bernd Breiter brought the community closer to the weekend feeling and the core idea of ​​the BigCityBeats Club Kitchen. “I think it's really great that people send us videos of kitchens where they put a little light bulb from an electronics retailer and dance and cook with it. That's when I realize that people really understood: Why Club - Why Kitchen, "Bernd Breiter CEO BigCityBeats.

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